DIY Kettle made of threads



Here I will tell you how to make a very unusual thing – a kettle of thread! You can decorate it with flowers with candies. This composition of flowers and candies will be a great gift, and the kettle can be filled with candies too or with tea sachets.



All the photos of the composition of the kettle, flowers and candies are presented here. How to make Paper Poppy.


DIY Kettle made of threads


Blow up a balloon.



Find some cardboard for making a handle and a spout of your kettle. As for me, I used a juice box for that.



Now let’s make adhesive solution for your thread. Dissolve 3 teaspoofuls of sugar in 50 mL of water. Add some white craft glue. The more you use it, the better. Dip the thread into the adhesive solution and wrap a balloon with it. The video will show you how to do that.






If you want to make a white kettle, use cotton thread, because synthetic thread will get yellow because of this adhesive solution.



The thread on the balloon will get dry within 24 hours, but you may even need more time to get the perfectly dry thread. At first the adhesive solution will drip a little, that’s why you’d better locate your parts of the kettle above the kitchen sink.



And now I will tell you a couple of secrets. First of all, don’t tie your balloon with thread, because it can overswell, which you don’t need. As for me, I tire the balloon with some wire. It’s very comfortable, because you can make a hook of the wire and hang the balloon in it for drying. Moreover, when it’s time to get the balloon out of the dry globe of thread, you can take away the wire and blow the balloon out. So you won’t need to pop it.



At last your globe of thread and glue is ready!



Cut a lid of the kettle out of the globe.







Decorate the upper trip of your kettle.



Make the handle and the spout.
I used some wire for making them. The parts will be stable thanks to it. Now attach the lace to the parts with the help of hot glue.





Attach the handle and the spout to the kettle with the help of some wire.



Decorate the lid with laces.



Decorate the kettle with some golden material. You can even attach a droplet to the spout.



And now your kettle is ready and perfect. You can decorate it with flowers with candies. Other bouquets of candies are presented here.











Kettle of threads photos



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