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How to make candy bouquets step by step

A shoe for candies photos

Would you like to know how to make a charming and unusual shoe for candies? How to make a shoe for candies. For making this gift you will need some expanded polystyrene, candy flowers of crepe paper, artificial flowers and décor elements.     A shoe for candies...

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A simple composition made from candies

A simple composition made from candies. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a simple composition from candies. It is easy and quick to make, but it looks quite originally. Besides, you can put a present into the bag. We will need an ordinary paper bag, they are sold in every supermarket...

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How to make a cake with poppies

A tutorial – How to make a cake with poppies made of candies.       For such a cake you’ll need extruded polystyrene, some wire for décor, artificial green and red, white or yellow poppies made of sweets. How to make candy bouquets.   How to make a cake with...

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DIY Decoration for a table

Today, I will show how to make a hand-made decoration for a table. It can be used for the wedding design; also, it can be used as a number tablet. We will need a plain white plastic napkin holder, polystyrene, sisal fibre, artificial leaves and the flowers made from crinkled paper. I took white and...

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Handbag with candies

Would you like to know how to make a beautiful and elegant handbag with candies? I will tell you! You can choose any size and any color for your handbag. I’m only showing you my own variant.     Moreover, I’m attaching a full-sized sketch of my handbag. You can download and...

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