A casket with the flowers made of sweets

Glad to present a tutorial – “A casket with the flowers made of sweets”.




We will need any flowers made of sweets, elements of décor, extruded polystyrene and a casket. The casket is available in any crafting shop; we only need to fill it with bright flowers. As the result we will get a wonderful hand-made present.



How to make a casket with the flowers made of sweets


So, buy a casket. The measurement can be various.



Cut out a base from polystyrene to fit the casket and fasten it with two-sided adhesive tape. Cover it with sisal fiber.



Slightly open the casket then put roses and buds.





The ready-made casket we ornament with décor elements. In my case these are golden beads, organza, sisal fiber, etc.








Our casket with the flowers made of sweets is ready. Enjoy!



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