DIY anemone

A tutorial – how to make a DIY anemone of crepe paper and a candy. This flower is also called wind-flower, it has eight petals and it can be different colours. I’m going to make a rose anemone so I will need rose crepe paper for petals and black paper for the pith, and also a candy.



How to make a Paper roses.


DIY anemone


DIY crepe paper anemone

Cut a workpiece 5×5 cm (1.9×1.9 inches) for anemone’s pith.

diy-anemone (2)


Wrap a candy into it and fix with thread.

diy-anemone (3)


Cut a workpiece 7 cm x 15 cm (2.75 x 5.9 inches) for stamens.

diy-anemone (4)


Fold as it shown in the photo.

diy-anemone (5)


diy-anemone (6)


Then cut the stamens.

diy-anemone (7)


diy-anemone (8)


And twist around the candy.



diy-anemone (9)


Fix with thread.

diy-anemone (10)


Cut a workpiece 7 cm x 25 cm (2.75 x 9.8 inches) for petals.

diy-anemone (11)


Fold it in half  three times – as a result you’ll have 8 layers.

diy-anemone (12)


Round out the upper edge.

how to make paper anemone


And give a shape like this, pressing it out.

diy-anemone (14)


diy-anemone (15)


Cut a workpiece – 2 things with three petals and one with two petals.

diy-anemone (16)


diy-anemone (17)


Fix the first row with thread – three petals.

diy-anemone (18)


diy-anemone (19)


The second row – three petals.

diy-anemone (20)


And the third row – two petals.

diy-anemone (21)


That’s it our DIY anemone is ready!

diy-anemone (22)


DIY paper anemone photos

diy-anemone (23)


diy-anemone (24)


diy-anemone (25)


diy-anemone (26)


DIY anemone photo



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