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How to make candy flowers. How to Make Easy Chocolate Paper Flower Bouquet!

How to Make a Paper Iris Flower

A tutorial – how to make DIY iris flower of paper. These flowers are amazingly beautiful and there are plenty of their colours and sizes. That is why the choice of different tincture combinations is simply enormous and it depends only on your imagination. Besides crepe paper that you have...

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DIY sunflowers of paper

A tutorial – how to make DIY sunflowers of paper. For that, you will need yellow and black crepe paper, silvery netting and a candy.     How to make Paper Poppy     DIY paper sunflowers tutorial   Candies of such shape are appropriate for sunflowers.   Cut...

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DIY Paper Poppy

Here you can see a tutorial – making paper poppy yourself, how to make a poppy of crepe paper for candy bouquet with photos step by step. Let’s consider how to make the poppy flower, and then two variants of flower bud.       At first I want to show you some photos of...

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DIY chamomile – daisy flower of crepe paper

A tutorial – DIY daisy flower, we will learn how to make daisy flower of crepe paper with candy. We will need white and yellow crepe paper, one candy and yellow velvet dust. It is also called flocking powder and used to produce an effect of velvet.     How to make Gift...

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