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How to make candy bouquets step by step

DIY box for money

A hand-made tutorial: “DIY box for money with candy flowers”. Such a box is a wonderful present for a holiday: for a birthday and also for a wedding. You can also put inside causer’s favourite chocolate bar. See also DIY Candy Heart.         DIY box for...

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A casket with the flowers made of sweets

Glad to present a tutorial – “A casket with the flowers made of sweets”.     We will need any flowers made of sweets, elements of décor, extruded polystyrene and a casket. The casket is available in any crafting shop; we only need to fill it with bright flowers. As the result we...

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Candy chocolate cake

A tutorial – how to make such candy chocolate cake. For this, we will need trapeze shape candies, ribbon with golden pattern, penoplex, artificial green, golden beads, wire and chocolate brown crepe paper.     How to make DIY paper peony.       Cut a...

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A hand-made vase

A tutorial – How to make a vase for candy flowers. Will need wire, white tape , cardboard, polystyrene, sisal fibre, cotton buds, a white lace ribbon, candy flowers.     How to make Gift baskets.     A hand-made vase – How to make a vase for candy flowers Cut...

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DIY Candy composition

A tutorial – how to make such simple DIY composition of candies. For that, you will need candy and crepe paper flowers, fil, artificial green, ribbons, decorations and so on.     How to make Gift baskets.     DIY Candy composition For this composition with circles a...

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