How to Make a Gift Basket

Would you like to know how to create a handmade basket? I’m ready to tell you everything about it. This won’t take much time, but the result will be marvelous. You will create a unique basket, and it will be impossible to find its copies anywhere. You can fill the basket with handmade flowers...

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DIY paper peony

This tutorial is how to make DIY peonies of crepe paper. You can make peonies of any colour, for example, white peonies with red petal edges or alternatively, red flowers with white petal edges.     How to make Gift baskets.       DIY paper peony   For one...

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Paper roses

This tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful rose of crepe paper yourself. This flower will decorate your candy bouquet. As for me, I always use such corrugated paper roses for my sweet bouquets and other compositions.       There are many variants of creating a...

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DIY heart-cake

A tutorial – how to make heart-shaped candy cake. A cake like this can become an unexpected surprise for Valentine’s Day or simply pleasing present for any celebration. We will need hot pink roses of candies and crepe paper, penoplex, sweets and decorative fixtures.     How to...

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Cake of candies

Here you will see the master class of making the cake of candies. This cake will be a fantastic gift for anyone and a marvelous decoration of the festive table.     You will need the following things for making this cake: some expanded polystyrene, corrugated paper flowers (as for...

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