A hand-made vase

A tutorial – How to make a vase for candy flowers. Will need wire, white tape , cardboard, polystyrene, sisal fibre, cotton buds, a white lace ribbon, candy flowers.     How to make Gift baskets.     A hand-made vase – How to make a vase for candy flowers Cut...

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DIY Candy composition

A tutorial – how to make such simple DIY composition of candies. For that, you will need candy and crepe paper flowers, fil, artificial green, ribbons, decorations and so on.     How to make Gift baskets.     DIY Candy composition For this composition with circles a...

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Hand-made cornflowers – a tutorial

For the flower we will need: cornflower blue crepe paper, silvery paper with metallic tint for a candy. The cornflowers are easy and fast to be done. How to make a paper chamomile.       The tutorial: “Hand-made cornflowers”   Cut out 3 billets from cornflower blue...

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DIY Candy Heart

Today I want to show you how to make such DIY composition “Candy heart” step by step. You can use it as nice package for money – it is much more pleasant to bring or get gratuity in a beautiful package like this than in an ordinary envelope. In addition, this sweet and creative gift will be...

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Paper bluebell DIY

A tutorial how to make DIY paper bluebell. It is easy and fast to make, and will highlight any composition from candy flowers. We will need light-green crinkled paper, plastic wrap and candies with a golden cover.           Paper bluebell DIY Wrap the candy with a...

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