Every celebration is magical, but the festivities are always associated with the need of finding a suitable gift, and that often becomes a headache. The searching often terminates in buying a banal and commonplace present like flowers.
However, if we really appreciate the birthday person, it is obvious that we want not just to make him or her happy by the fact of bringing attention and giving an unnecessary gift, but we also desire to choose something original, producing the effect of surprise and it has to have practical value too.

A very interesting idea of creation candy bouquets and other beautiful compositions was materialized quite lately. Of course, any sweet tooth would be happy to get such a wonderful and desired present.

Candy Bouquet Ideas

The absolute advantage of candy bouquets is its singularity: not many women could boast obtaining any other bouquets but only composed of flowers.

The candy bouquet will not wither in a couple of days in contrast to the usual flower analogue. It will make the owner happy for a very long time reminding of the person who brought it.

The utility of this bouquet consists not only in its outstanding beauty, but it also brings many sweet moments, and for sure, that kind of delicacy will not leave anyone indifferent.

The special name for an activity of designing such marvelous compositions is a sweet design. The bouquet can be a regal of a festive table or it can become a valentine, or for example, a memento for a birthday. If you decide to decorate your house with the ideas of the sweet design, it would be the most daring usage ever. The size and shape of compositions vary widely, so you can meet simple bouquets, floral baskets, and heart shape or cake versions.

Candy bouquet ideas

Sweet design was invented in France, it was here where people started to make candy bouquets, and the fantasy of designing sweet bouquets was brought to life. The French people are soft on confectionery; they prefer it to any other gifts. That is a French tradition to present sweets, particularly for the feast.


People called the first sweet presents decorated with sweets “Bonbonniere”, the term comes from the word “bonbon” which means “candy” in French. Presents like these promptly found admirers and spread overseas. Designers use different candies in the sweet design. Specialists add to the bouquets natural or artificial flowers, webbing and paper strips.

You can realize what you intended to with no trouble and make someone’s life sweeter, add in it some nice creative notes and lively impressions. You should decide on fitting the situation and consulting a person’s interests candy bouquet, which certainly would be able to cheer up even the most fastidious birthday person.

candy gift baskets

To whom present candy bouquets?

Sure enough, people mainly present candy bouquets to young women. As a romantic person who needs care, every girl can appreciate such an enchanting surprise. Young girls who just went on the infancy would estimate a toy bouquet, and teddy bears would be perfect and touching components for it.

chocolate bouquets

If you pick out a present for a prosperous and independent woman, a business-lady, you should know that the flower and candy gift basket would look richly; it is very important to think the design out and match all the details harmonically. You may add a bottle of astonishing wine to this romantic package.

Do not forget that women are sensitive about presents because it is a very important gesture for them. In addition, as long as the majority of women is attracted to sweets and flowers, the creative candy bouquet will be a perfect surprise and impress any birthday girl.

Candy bouquet foto

Candy bouquet for children

Finally, sweet design is useful if the birthday person is a child. The present for him or her is the demonstration of love, not a meaningless trifle. The aesthetic value will be the most important criteria here. The beautiful and memorable present is quite the thing!

You can design the strict candy bouquet or you can choose a candy doll, which will enable any little girl to feel like a real princess. In addition, a wonderful bear made of candies would be a good sweet present for every child.

Candy bouquets for children

Chocolate eggs like Kinder Surprise maintain leading positions; they appear for children’s favorite delicacy for a long time. Thus, the bouquet with Kinder Surprise is the best choice. You will not only offer something delicious but also bring many little toys hidden inside. As for girls, you can also buy a magnificent composition made of fluffy toys and candies.

Candy compositions for professional festivals

The sweet design has many options. Any business person esteems ingenuity, imagination, and individual approach. It is difficult to surprise a manager or any other accomplished businessman. That is why the present should reflect an idea, be meaningful and unusual at the same time.

In this case, the best present is candy composition designed in shape directly reflecting the specific character of person’s field of work. Candy basket will definitely be welcomed with open arms because it can be brought as a symbol of financial soundness and continuous development. If one’s profession is connected to the sea, it makes sense to choose candy ship composition.

It would be suitable for the firm celebrating an anniversary as well. The ship symbolizes that the company is headed in the right direction, which is particularly topical and valuable in business environment. In this way, the collective can show its preoccupation with future trends opening for the company to an executive group. Therefore, candies packaged well and wisely will zest to the corporate party adorning it with exclusiveness and elegance.

Candy compositions for professional festivals

Candy Basket is the best present!

Candy bouquets placed in basket are classical in sweet design. Any basket suits here – it can be round, square or shell shaped. Their sizes vary too.

The bouquet in the basket is a romantic element, which can flourish any celebration adding some tenderness. If traditionally the birthday person finds the flowers in the basket now you can place candy bouquet in it.

gift basket

If you package the gift daintily, using satin ribbon, pendants and even ornamental netting, all guests will stare enviously at that kind of present, and the birthday person will be so happy with the gift like this.

The ingenious gift like candy basket can break stereotypes, occupy everybody’s attention, and show that you are very creative person and you have classic taste and great imagination.

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